Shri Uddhav Thackeray

Honorable Chief Minister | Maharashtra

I congratulate CASI Global and CSR Diary on organising CASI Maharashtra Model United Nations (MAHAMUN) jointly with Government of Maharashtra on 28 and 29 Feb 2020 at University of Mumbai; Kalina Campus. 

I also congratulate Public Works Department, Environment Department, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department, and Tribal Development Department.

Simulation of the United Nations on Global Policies, Politics and Critical issues is something that every student and academician must participate in. Participation helps develop deeper understanding into Global issues and this is the best way to understand how global relations work and how global policies are formed. 

This being an ‘out-of-the-box’ event, I urge every institute to encourage students and faculty members to participate, as it also helps broaden thinking horizons and structures the thinking pattern. 

Participation will also help in bringing out the leader in you.

I wish CASI Maha Model United Nations all the success!

                                          – Uddhav Balasheb Thackeray